Community Etiquette Policy

Community Etiquette Policy

Revised: September 03, 2023

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National Live Scan Association® Community Etiquette Policy

Welcome to the heart of our National Live Scan Association® Community! We’ve crafted a set of guidelines to thrive in unity and shared growth. Following these principles ensures a nourishing experience for everyone.

1. Be Genuine:

Authenticity fosters trust. Presenting your true self paves the way for genuine interactions and deep connections. An accurate profile, with your real name and appropriate image, sends a message that you’re here to engage sincerely. This transparency sets the foundation for a community built on real connections and shared experiences.

2. Practice Kindness and Respect:

 Every member is a pillar of our community. Let’s treat each individual with the kindness and respect they deserve. We ensure a safe space where diverse opinions can coexist harmoniously by nurturing a culture of understanding, even amidst disagreements. Every voice matters, and every perspective enriches our collective experience.

3. Safeguard Privacy:

Protecting the sanctity of shared information is paramount. Exercise discretion in what you share and how you engage with shared content. Respect boundaries, and refrain from discussing or spreading sensitive information outside our community walls. This mutual trust is key to fostering open and honest discussions.

4. Full Disclosure Matters:

Clear communication enhances trust. When discussing a product, service, or topic you have a personal or professional connection to, be transparent about it. Such disclosures maintain the integrity of our discussions and provide valuable context that can enrich the conversation.

5. Credit Original Sources:

Recognizing original creators upholds the integrity of our shared knowledge. Whether you’re citing a research paper, sharing an article, or referencing a thought leader, always give due credit. This validates the information and respects the effort behind its creation.

6. Relevance of External Links:

Every link is a bridge to further knowledge. Make sure the bridges you build lead to relevant, enriching content. Links should always be pertinent to the topic at hand and offer additional value, enhancing the depth and breadth of our discussions.

7. Feedback Enriches Us:

Every suggestion and every piece of feedback is a gift. It helps us refine, adapt, and grow stronger as a community. When sharing your insights, ensure they’re constructive and actionable. Together, with your guidance, we aim to make our community an ever-evolving space of learning and collaboration.

8. Stay Focused on Common Interests:

Our strength lies in our shared passions. While the world of fingerprinting and biometrics is vast, keeping our discussions relevant to our shared goals is essential. By centering our conversations on shared interests, we ensure that every discussion adds value and drives collective growth.

9. Offer Constructive Criticism:

Feedback, when framed positively, can be a beacon of growth. Approach every piece of criticism with a constructive mindset. Aim not just to highlight issues but also to offer solutions or alternatives. This ensures that every challenge becomes an opportunity for growth and learning.

10. Mindful Self-Promotion:

Every achievement deserves its spotlight. But, ensuring that self-promotion aligns with the community’s ethos is essential. If you have a milestone, update, or offering to share, ensure you do so in the designated areas and always with the broader community’s benefit in mind.

Our community thrives on collaboration, understanding, and shared growth. Adhering to these guidelines ensures that every member’s experience is enriching, safe, and constructive. Let’s continue to make the National Live Scan Association® Community a beacon of knowledge, support, and shared success.