Getting Started in the Ink Card Fingerprinting Business: A Comprehensive Guide

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Are you seeking a lucrative business opportunity combining innovation, security, and personal interest? Starting an ink card fingerprinting business might be the perfect fit for you. 


Today, let’s talk about ink card fingerprinting, exploring the benefits, challenges, and tips for success. We will also highlight the National Live Scan Association® (NLSA) as a valuable resource in kickstarting your venture.


Understanding the Ink Card Fingerprinting Business

Ink card fingerprinting, or traditional fingerprinting, is a tried and tested method of capturing fingerprints on a physical ink card. Although it may be considered “old-school” compared to newer technologies like Live Scan, it still holds a valuable place in the industry. 


One of the most significant advantages of ink card fingerprinting is its lower cost than Live Scan machines, making it an affordable option for enterprising individuals.


Benefits of Ink Card Fingerprinting

1.  Accessible Entry Point: Ink card fingerprinting provides a less expensive and less complicated way to enter the fingerprinting industry. By offering this service, you can gain insight into the demand for Live Scan services in your area before making a substantial investment. 

2.  Potential Profitability: Unlike popular belief, ink card fingerprinting can be profitable. The demand for fingerprinting services remains high, particularly in fields like healthcare, where licenses must be obtained and maintained. 


Proper marketing and strategic pricing can significantly impact your profitability.


3.  Diverse Job Opportunities: Ink card fingerprinting opens numerous job opportunities in state and federal sectors. Various industries like healthcare and law enforcement rely on ink cards for licensing and background checks.


Positioning yourself as a trusted and certified ink card fingerprinting provider can help you tap into these employment opportunities.


Partnering with the National Live Scan Association® (NLSA)

Embarking on your journey in the ink card fingerprinting realm? 


Partnering with authoritative and pioneering organizations is a game-changer.


The National Live Scan Association® (NLSA) stands out as a beacon for fingerprinting professionals, offering a wealth of resources, top-tier education, and unwavering support. 


Dive deeper into what NLSA offers by visiting the official website at or dialing (888) 498-4234. 


For a more personalized touch, schedule a 15-minute discovery call at http://LiveScan.Chat.


Why choose the NLSA?

1.  Industry Expertise: The NLSA brings together professionals with vast experience in the fingerprinting industry, ensuring that you receive accurate and up-to-date information.


2.  Certification Programs: The NLSA offers comprehensive certification programs to equip individuals with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in the fingerprinting business. These programs cover various aspects, including ink card fingerprinting techniques, legal obligations, and technology trends.


3.  Networking Opportunities: By joining the NLSA, you can access a thriving community of fingerprinting professionals.  NLSA National Live Scan Community™ offers collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mentorship opportunities, which can prove invaluable as you navigate the ink card fingerprinting landscape.




Embarking on an ink card fingerprinting business journey can be exciting and rewarding. However, it is crucial to approach this opportunity with a realistic understanding of the industry, potential challenges, and available resources. 


By partnering with reputable organizations like the National Live Scan Association® (NLSA), you can position yourself for success and gain that competitive edge in the fingerprinting industry. 


Remember, thorough research, proper training, and a continuous drive for excellence are essential in establishing a thriving ink card fingerprinting business.


And be sure to stop on over at or call (888) 498-4234 to explore the NLSA’s resources and take your first step towards building a successful ink card fingerprinting business.

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